Narangba Eagles Football Club operates largely through the use of voluntary help from generous community-minded members and we are in need of volunteers for the upcoming season. Running a club of this size takes quite some effort and we rely upon the generosity of volunteers at all levels of the club in giving their time. There will be many volunteering opportunities throughout the season - some that will only take an hour, others longer, so please help share the load where you can.

The Levy was introduced to encourage more involvement by members in the day-to-day running

and activities required for the continued success of our club. Money raised by the Levy is not used

to fund club expenses – in a perfect world, every family will volunteer, and every family will have

the Levy refunded at the end of the season.


The levy is paid in addition to any player registration fees that may apply. An application for

registration of a player will not be processed until all fees, including the Levy, have been received.

Each registering individual or family will only pay the Levy once per year, so a family with two or

three players pays the same as a family with one player.


How do I qualify for a refund of the Levy?

The levy is fully refunded to those families who have volunteered for 5 or more hours during the 

year in one of the  capacities described on the Volunteering page.


Normal weekly team duties do not count toward the hours that qualify for refund of the Levy.

These duties are a commitment to your, or your child's, team, rather than to the Club as a whole;

they are generally performed when you are already at training or a game with your child, and as

such require only a minimal additional commitment of time. Agreeing to assist with normal team

duties is a condition of registration, and is expected of everybody.


This will operate as follows:


Volunteer Levy refunds will only apply to registered volunteers (on www.myfootballclub.com.au) that have participated at least 5 hours per family per season, in approved voluntary roles. These include:
  • Committee role
  • Coaching a team for the season (If joint coaches, levy will be split up between coaches)
  • Managing a team for the season (If joint managers, levy will be split up between managers)
  • Working Bees (would need to attend more than one to complete 5 hrs)
  • Coordinating /attending functions in a helper capacity
  • Approved fundraising events
  • Administrative support in some committee-managed initiative
  • Line and field marking
  • Other significant tasks as approved by executive committee
  • Canteen and Bar Work
  • Sponsors of cash or goods in excess of $500 have already met the requirements and are excluded from this initiative
  • Selling Tickets for Raffles


The Volunteer Levy refund does not apply for tasks like:

  • Washing jerseys
  • Running Lines
  • Second or third assistant coaches
  • Second or third assistant managers
  • Setting up or bringing down goals or flags
  • Providing half-time fruit at games
  • Ground official duties
  • Attending games or training, or providing lifts to/from these
  • Any members that do not fulfil the 5 hours per family requirement


How is the Family Levy refund administered?

As only one volunteer levy is charged per family, only one levy refund will apply to each family, irrespective of the number of family members involved in qualifying volunteering activities.

Club officials organising an event shall keep a record of who volunteers at their event.

At the conclusion of the season, families who believe they have sufficiently volunteered shall

complete an Application for Refund of Levy. The application will indicate a preference for either

rolling the $70 over to the next year, or having the Levy refunded to an address provided. The

closing date for applications is generally about the end of October.

Applications for Refund will be reconciled against records kept by event organisers. Event

organisers and applicants may be asked for further information if there is a discrepancy between

the applicant's claim and the organiser's records.

If an Application for Refund is made, but does not obviously meet criteria for refund, the

application shall be submitted to the Management Committee for consideration at the November


The Club endeavours to have all refunds sent out by the end of November.


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